Unbridled Solutions Infohub v3.5


Unbridled Solutions moved into the Grant Street Mansion earlier this year. To help celebrate this special occasion, I designed this “infohub” that will be displayed on every TV in all of our conference rooms (4-5 rooms). I am responsible for the design and front-end development of this project. There are many dynamic elements on this screen…even some with their own logic and scoring system. Because of this, I am working very closely with our extremely talented back-end developer.

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Unbridled Solutions Website


The Unbridled Solutions website is something that I am very, very proud of, despite using a WordPress theme with Visual Composer. There were so many facets to this project, including internal politics, content writing and customizing the theme (only 185 lines of CSS!), just to name a few.

The original Unbridled Solutions website had many flaws. Two of the major flaws were: One, It didn’t actually say was Unbridled Solutions did as a company and two, it wasn’t responsive in any way, shape or form. I wish I could show the original site – it really was an embarrassment to the company…even they admit to that! Our sales people would avoid pointing potential clients to our website, it really was that bad.

So, we started over from scratch. We didn’t re-use anything from the previous website. We wanted to display in an easy way, who we are – which is values and solutions for our clients. We got together and decided what we wanted to say and accomplish. Then we started prototyping. We went through about 3 very quick versions before we all realized what really needed to happen.

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Unbridled Solutions Infohub

infohubs-together-1First, let me explain what an Infohub means to the company I work for, Unbridled Solutions. In our main lobby, we have a Chromebook hooked up to a giant, vertical TV. It’s purpose is to show where we’ve done events throughout the year for clients, as well as to display our social media feed as well as anything our employees have hashtagged.

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Led Lobin Event Website


This company is famous for their burgers with fried eggs on top. You might even swap out the letter L’s with R’s. Get it now?

When a company like “Led Lobin” takes a trip to the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in the Dominican Republic, amazing results can happen. This website was just a small part of the overall attendee experience. With such a beautiful property, it was easy to design an exciting website.

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Pharma Incentive Trip 2016


In 2016, a pharma company (Think ‘Illuminate’ but without the ‘te’ at the end.) went even bigger than their 2015 celebration for their best employees. They tented out the entire island of Petit St. Vincent was the reward for their top achievers. A decision maker in upper management of loves a good pirate theme. The homepage was created to look like a modern day pirate map and other pirate pieces were thrown in around the site as well.

Pharma Incentive Trip 2015


When the genome pioneers of a pharma company decide to reward their top employees, they go really, really big. The Pharma Incentive Trip 2015 site was created to generate excitement about winning such a big honor, while providing all the information that the attendees would need to know.

With the location being Turks & Caicos, it was easy to use big, beautiful photography to let the location and activities speak for themselves. My only regret with this project was not being able to attend the event myself!