Unbridled Solutions Website


The Unbridled Solutions website is something that I am very, very proud of, despite using a WordPress theme with Visual Composer. There were so many facets to this project, including internal politics, content writing and customizing the theme (only 185 lines of CSS!), just to name a few.

The original Unbridled Solutions website had many flaws. Two of the major flaws were: One, It didn’t actually say was Unbridled Solutions did as a company and two, it wasn’t responsive in any way, shape or form. I wish I could show the original site – it really was an embarrassment to the company…even they admit to that! Our sales people would avoid pointing potential clients to our website, it really was that bad.

So, we started over from scratch. We didn’t re-use anything from the previous website. We wanted to display in an easy way, who we are – which is values and solutions for our clients. We got together and decided what we wanted to say and accomplish. Then we started prototyping. We went through about 3 very quick versions before we all realized what really needed to happen.

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Unbridled Solutions Infohub

infohubs-together-1First, let me explain what an Infohub means to the company I work for, Unbridled Solutions. In our main lobby, we have a Chromebook hooked up to a giant, vertical TV. It’s purpose is to show where we’ve done events throughout the year for clients, as well as to display our social media feed as well as anything our employees have hashtagged.

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Quick iOS App Design


This is a rough mock-up for an app that I helped wireframe and very quickly mock up for a client – think of this as beta v1.0. While we were getting paid to wireframe the app, there was literally no time budget to create a mock-up, so the app was designed insanely fast. Not bad for moving so quickly, if I say so myself!